who are powerport?

We are an Australian marketing company based in Sydney.

What do we do:

Create newsletters and regular communications that help you as a Finance & Mortgage Broker market YOUR services. We do the behind the scenes work to make you look good. We also create unique newsletters for larger Broker Groups.

why use powerport?

Setting up and running a continuous marketing program in-house, including newsletters, is an expensive and time consuming project. Finding the right people, training them adequately and ensuring that your newsletters are dynamic, relevant and impressive requires time, effort and money. Powerport's team can help you create professional newsletters that consistently achieve great results - WE are your designer.

We service hundreds of mortgage and finance broking clients, deal with a major Australian bank, a major industry association, send 1.5 million emails to Australian consumers annually and have been in operation since 2003.

who are the team?

The Powerport team consist of:

  • Nina Ardila, Operations & Sales Manager
  • Darren Sculley, Sales Executive
  • Annette taylor, Finance Officer
  • Cheree Furney,Accounts Officer
  • Jon Hatto, IT Manager
  • Sarah Haberle, Graphic Design

As well as various professional writers and printing houses.